Tagging Standards

Reason: When you have an event planned or a topic of interest, you can share your "tagging standard" with others so that you can find information about the topic. Share the standard tags and information here. This is not to take away from the spontaneity and usefulness of folksonomy but simply to add another layer of usefulness to finding things with tags. To discuss this, please move to the discussion area.

Meanwhile, these are the current tags that are being used and discussed (and their summary). Review our tagging standard template. When you create a tag below make a new page by enclosing the double brackets (if you don't know how, click help in the top right corner of this page) and then use the template for tag standards. You will have instructions on that newly created page. All the code for pulling in feeds has been written for you!

General Principles

In process
  • Four digit years (what will happen in 2107 when we've tagged it all 07 -- let's be visionaries and learn from Y2K folks).
  • One standard tag per use (this is not built to aggregate multiple tags.)

Current Standards In use

These are the current standards we are aware of in the following areas.


These tags will be used to pull information into the edubloggerworld website and wiki and your RSS reader based on the use of these tags. We will use Google Blog Search and del.icio.us as our two sources of information. Click on a tag to see current information about that topic.
  • edubloggerworld The tag for writing about edubloggerworld in general
  • edubloggerworld2007 - The tag for writing about events that you would like the edubloggerworld to know about -- these will be pulled via RSS feed onto the Ning. Just use delicious or your blog to tag your post or a resource and it will go to bloggers around the world.
  • edubloggerworldmeetup2007 For all virtual meetups held in 2007.
  • edubloggerworld2008 The tag for marking events to share with the edublogger community that will occur in 2008.
  • edubloggerworld_brainstorm For the free discussion of ideas that should be considered at edubloggerworld.

Talking Points Tags

These are current tags for talking points.

Other Locations

  • Also, see David Warlick's hitchikr service for the aggregation of conference tags for educators and when you want to write about a standard.

Proposed Tags

Educators Interested in the Further Discussion of this Topic:

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