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Member Name
Damian Bariexca
Apace of Change
Reflections on practical classroom applications of educational (and not-so-educational) technology. Also, thoughts on technology from the perspective of a classroom teacher turned school psychologist. From the tagline: "The intersection of education, technology, and psychology."
Colette Cassinelli
edtech Vision
I blog to reflect on what I am learning as a teacher and to connect with other educational technology leaders in the blogosphere.
Darren Draper
Drape's Takes
My purpose in blogging is really to reflect on what I take in as an educator (mostly as it relates to technology,teaching, and learning).
Nexus, from the Latin word nectere, meaning to join, connect, tie, bind. My blog is a means of connecting concepts, learning opportunities, and learners involved in K-12 education.
Tom Hemingway
"Seeking the convergence of knowledge, learning and education" by which I mean that they don't always converge. Not an ed-tech blog really; more about my observations of schooling versus learning.
Julie Lindsay
E-Learning Blog
This blog exists to share ideas about E-Learning, ICT integration and digital literacy in education.
Ann Oro
NJ Tech Teacher Musings
I use this space to write about what I am trying in the world of K-8 computers. It gives me a place to log my daily activities and eventually a reference to how I got to where I am.

Andrew Robitaille
Discuss theory and practical applications of ICTs and their ability to transform classrooms into 21st century learning environments where students discover, create, publish and actively participate in the acquisition of new knowledge. These are exciting times in education, and I want iTeacher to become a place to share our discoveries and improve our teaching.

Brian C. Smith
Streaming Thoughts
Basically, I want to learn from all of you. If I write something then I structure it in my mind, if I publish it I receive feedback from the community, thus confirming my beliefs or telling me I am full of bunk.

Claudia Ceraso
ELT Notes
I started this blog as a way to organise my surfing on the net. It gradually became the spot where I share my views on technology and record my thoughts and learning. It is now a space to make contact and converse with fellow edubloggers who point at new doors for my professional development.

Cheri Toledo
Cycling Through Ed Tech
This blog provides a model for my students and colleagues; gives me a chance to write about my experiences and thoughts regarding educational technology; and helps me connect with other edubloggers and lurkers around the world.

Stephanie Sandifer
Change Agency
I blog to share and learn with/from others. The focus of my blogging includes school improvement, student learning, adult learning, leadership, teacher leadership, professional development, technology integration, and current events that have an impact on the process/system of education.

Suzanne Tate
Lets talk eLearning
A blog to discuss various issues relating to implementing technology in education, and to share resources.

Angeles Berman
My learning Zone
A blog to share ideas, experiences and thoughts about teaching practice(en español)
Boris Mir
La mirada pedagógica
Espacio personal de opinión y reflexión sobre enseñar y aprender, especialmente en el campo de la educación secundaria y de la formación de profesores. (en español)

Leonor Quintana
El suplemento ocasional
Blog de una profesora de español en Grecia con muchas inquietudes y con cada vez menos formalidad.