Welcome, bienvenidos, bienvenue, hoş geldiniz, g'day! [add your language's welcome here, por favor]!
Welcome to the official EduBloggerWorld wiki - editable home of the EduBloggerWorld community. Additional contact pages, forum discussions, calendar information, and blog postings can be found here: http://www.edubloggerworld.com/.

What is this?

The EduBloggerWorld wiki is designed to be a community effort. If you have something important/beneficial to add to the community, then join the wiki and please participate. All educators interested in these discussions are invited to attend.

Our purpose - We are continuing to discuss and edit this purpose as a group until we are at a point where it is pretty well agreed upon by a core community.

What is happening now?

The first day of virtual meetups was held on August 23rd. We ask that you look at what transpired and add your voice! We are asking that those interested in this discussion of blogger cooperation:
  1. Read/ listen to and share the transcripts. This page also lists many resources from August 23.
  2. Hold more sessions within your sphere of influence to discuss these ideas. (tag them edubloggerworld_brainstorm)
  3. Join the wiki, ning, and airset calendar.
  4. Look at the talking points and mark your area of interest.
  5. Talk about it!

We're currently planning to be in a brainstorming phase for the next two weeks starting today on August 23rd where the blogosphere will discuss these items and the potential for our cooperation (further than the blogging we're already doing) to see if there is enough interest. (Some people like the blogosphere as is.)

Virtual Meetup Transcript(s) or Summaries

Please hyperlink to the summary or transcript of your meeting.